The Plight of The Vulnerable


Education they say Is the bedrock of every nation. As such  Students play a very vital role in the process of nation building. Their contributions and efforts makes it imperative that their views,thoughts,Suggestions and opinions are taken into consideration in all aspect of education.

Therefore ,the future of a nation is inherent in the youth who have the energy, capacity and potentials to enhance creativity and Innovation. Again the rights and freedoms of students are equally essential to any other being in the nation.We now live in a situation where students do not have a say in the educational system.

Students are forced to do things  against their wish including being subjected to total silence on matters affecting themselves.Some Senior Members abuse various freedoms and rights of students unduly for their own gains.They are not heard at all.Not even on the utilization of their toiled monies. Others decide what the student should use their monies for.

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But we claim that we live in a country that adopts democratic principles, follow rule of law,respect free speech but what do we see as students ? The fact that you have masters degree and you have the opportunity to lecture does not make you more of a person than the other .Senior members look down on students because the product they themselves are producing are not credible. So they come to lecture halls with flimsy excuses and less seriousness to their work.

Those who apply discipline in their field also abuse it and make students suffer bitterly .Failing students based on their whips and caprice. How do you achieve development with such an attitude?  Imagine that a whole University where a student has applied and has been admitted as such can write a particular paper twice and fail .So what does it imply,Is it that the Board in charge of selecting Suitable and eligible students is being compromise or the lectures were not too effective to cause a change in behavior of students.


Treatment meted out to Junior members lives to be desired, Gross disrespect to Students is so much that you can’t even complain about a general issue affecting students. Students are forced to buy books of which the benefits do not manifest. Threats given to the Vulnerable Lady or Gent by way of collecting index numbers. What will it be used for when you also make a contradictory statements saying that your success or failure of a particular course do not depend on the book to be bought?

The Poor Guy or lady whose parents struggle to pay his/her  fees is also been asked to buy book against his wishes and rights.And would be victimized on different grounds for refusing to buy the book .If there is going to be peace for citizens to enjoy as a nation then things must be done well and right. Students turned voiceless and dumb  on issues which bother them  by intimidations.They must be heard!! Because students make up the School .Without a student in your class you can’t call yourself a lecturer,Doctor or Professor.

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Students have voices!!

Students have rights!!

Students deserve better Services!!

Students need conducive surroundings devoid of Pollutants!!

Students needs to be respected!!

So let’s look at our Students with great pride and fill them with the necessary skills ,Knowledge to avert rampant vices in all parts of the nation.I believe nothing is too late things can change for the better .

Posterity will always be our judge,But the judgement should be a true and fair one to benefit Mankind and his Community as well as country.

Fb – Estuary Faisal