Who am I to the poor on the street?
One without shoes and lace on his feet
One without food or book
One who must survive by hook or crook.

Human Rights is a religion
…a gospel I propagate
For I do not segregate nor castigate.
Join me lets sing and shout moral and legal praises of hosanna
To liberate the less privilege and maltreated souls in our societies.

Let’s meditate on the constitution; our holy scriptures
So as to be made bold and courageous and not robbed of our conscience
But be made victorious in the battle rounds- courts,
Where we fight flesh and blood-sucking demons.

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The souls of men are dying
And you have just been baptized
You must save them
You must liberate them.

Come join me lets propagate the gospel of human rights
Join me, so together we preach and cast out demons
Demons of injustice, Corruption and Gender inequality
So as to help make the world a better place for all
But do not forget…BE A PASTOR.

Mark Yaw Addo (McPoet)
Geography L 300