Central University Reportedly on the Verge of Collapse


Some students from the university said that all is not well with the school and they fear it is on the verge of collapse, according to media sources.

Lecturers have not been paid salaries for about 3 months. Meanwhile, other staffs of the school have also not been paid for months, according to the students.
Earlier, the university laid off some staff and other workers, while the registrar confirmed that the university was running on life-support.

The students also revealed that they have limited access to utilities on campus. They say they sometimes have no water and no light for hours, thereby making life difficult for them.

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Sources say the only way the university could remedy the situation is by increasing fees for the student. However, they fear that that would backfire because Central University has one of the highest school fees in the country currently.

This is coming at a time when Pastor Otabil has been in the news for the collapse of Capital Bank in August 2017. The renowned pastor served as a Chairman of the bank’s board before the collapse.

 Consequently, Otabil, his church ICGC, Ato Essien, and other stakeholders believed to have caused the collapse of the bank have been dragged to court.