FAFANYO The Pryme – Free Yourself(cover) ft Warim Gee x Eddy Papsi

Listen to FreeYourself on Souncloud via this link https://soundcloud.com/fafanyo-thepryme/free-yourself
Keep up with Fafanyo The Pryme @ThePryme1 on social media as well as Swag City Entertainment (@SwagCity_Ent on twitter )Sometimes we find ourselves bound in situations, drowning in a box built by society’s stereotypes and conventions. For the sake of sanity we need to be above these things and find who we are so that we we can be what the world needs us to be – the missing piece. The world is a jigsaw puzzle and we are all pieces needed to complete it. To find ourselves we need to free ourselves and that comes with a responsibility.

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From the Swag City Entertainment camp, Fafanyo The Pryme, a spoken word/ rap act, has released a new sound which is a cover of Killatunez’ Free Yourself’ beat.

The song features two artistes from the Swag City Entertainment Camp, Warnin Gee and Eddy Papsi. The song is a cover for an original beat produced by Killertunes and mixed by Swag City Entertainment’s own MalfaKing Slum.