Private Schools do not implement Government’s ‘bogus’ Education Policies- Teachers school NAPO


Teachers in the Country have responded to the a statement made by the Minister of Education, Dr Mathew Opoku-Prempeh, which he  had stated that measures are being put in place to tie the continuous stay of school managers and teachers at work to the educational outcomes of their students.He said the initiative to be rolled out within the shortest possible time was meant to improve monitoring and supervision in schools and also keep teachers in check to boost teaching and learning.Dr Opoku-Prempeh was speaking at an event held at the World Bank office in Accra  at which this year’s Human Capital Index (HCI) was released.

According a document released by teachers in response to the Education Minister’s statement,the teachers indicated that ss much as they might have agreed with the minister that teachers in the public schools are better and well paid as compared to their counterparts in private schools, it is rather unfortunate that he only takes note of their results without checking all the measures private schools put in place to achieve good results.

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”How many private schools implement those bogus education policies public schools are held by the neck to adhere to? Any activity in which there is no competition gives birth to lazy participants. In the past, when mass promotion was not done in public schools, and promotion was done on merit, good results were achieved.”

”Public schools performed better than private ones. Things have become worse as free SHS policy start taking even those with aggregate 52 for placement. Many pupils have become lazy and confident of going to SHS notwithstanding their lazy performance. ”

”Teachers’ hands are tied from repeating nonperforming pupils unlike private schools. What happens to discipline in our public schools today? Who caused it? Government of course, by copying the whites blindly that African child must not be punished for anything and now turning to punish teachers, heads, circuit supervisors and directors for poor performance of pupils” the statement quizzed.

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”Touching on teaching resources, it is blind man’s approach to identify fault with teachers up to directors forgetting:

1.That, for the past ten years, government has not provided schools with textbooks.

2. That there are over 80% of basic schools without computers for ICT lessons.

3. That many other TLMs that can be found in private schools are lacking in public schools.

4. That private schools do not obey mass promotion policy which leads competition forced good performance among their pupils.

5. That, parents,pupils and government have their parts to play in order to achieve good results.

6. That, environmental factors also affect performance.”

”Now, if the minister turns his red eye only on the teachers (including supervisors and directors), forgetting other stakeholders, it means they have put themselves at enemy position against teachers and we must see them as such and break their wings when the need be. It very stupid to decide that professional teachers go for license to qualify to teach after effective teacher training education, while you turn around and recruit people who have no training at all to teach.”

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”Even as we speak, 85% of promotion and upgrading inputs are failing at controller and accountant general departments, both at regional and national levels thereby wasting our salary arrears since government will not pay arrears, yet the minister’s eye is just stern on teachers. Teacher-enemy minister! What was his performance when he was a teacher?”they asked.