Ballot boxes can be sent to any remote area across the length and breadth of the country to ensure the ordinary Ghanaian cast his/her vote to select leaders who are supposed to work for their interest.But interestingly, it is very unfortunate how the politicians and our leaders treat these innocent Ghanaians after getting the power to rule through this same poor ordinary Ghanaians.

You will not see politicians( our leaders) expediting actions on policies of great concern to the people until one of them (Opticians, Ministers and other government officials)  are affected before they pretend to show concern.

There have been recent lost of precious lives due to the bad nature of our roads, lack of foot bridges to enhance easy crossing of roads by pedestrians, lack of proper functioning traffic lights and many more.

A classical example in the recent lost of lives is the Madina-Adenta stretch which has claimed one hundred and ninety Four (194) lives with the recent incident of the death of the West African Senior High School first year student.

Should citizens always come out to protest or use the violence means of compelling authorities to do what is expected of them?

Should our leaders always be reminded of their duties and the plight of the ordinary citizens?

Should our leaders wait till no one is left to bury all of us because of their selfish interest and lack of interest in addressing challenges of the ordinary Ghanaian?

Rejoicing over people’s misfortunes is completely morally wrong but it will come to a point where citizens will rejoice when our leaders fall victims of what the ordinary Ghanaians are going through.

Our leaders are good in speech but wicked and very cruel in handling matters affecting the ordinary Ghanaian.

The unnecessary lost of lives must be avoided. Authorities must act with immediate effect and not the usual promises and deceit.

I express my condolences to the families of all Ghanaians who lost their relatives through the bad nature of our roads and lack of facilities to enhance easy movement of pedestrians on these roads.

Before I conclude, let me remind you the reckless driver who drives without adhering to road safety regulations to change this wicked character of yours. Avoid drunk driving because that stupidity is a gateway to these unfortunate incidents on our roads. Avoid making calls whiles driving because that call can be made anytime but a life lost can never be gotten again.

Lastly to we the pedestrians, let’s be careful on our roads especially when  crossing these busy roads to avoid being knocked down by our reckless and senseless drivers who do not adhere to road safety measures.

National road safety commission must intensify the road safety campaign to minimize these unfortunate road accidents.

To our leaders, we don’t know the kind of wording to use in advising you to execute your duties but if you are humans, then act now before no one is left to bury us all.

#Madina-Adenta footbridgesmustbefixednow

Abdul Rahaman Ibrahim 
Youth Activist and former GNUTS Coordinating Secretary 



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