The writer will like to issue a caveat, that this write up is not in any form or shape to denigrate ladies, reinforce stereotypes and other misconceptions about women. The reader must take cognizance of the fact that the writer himself is a student of gender and an activist too. Again, I would like to place on record that the write up is based on years of observing university ladies and not on any scientific studies carried out. Now to the substantive issue of university ladies and character traits they exhibit on campus. Sociology has confirmed that human beings, as social beings are the most complex creature to deal with and ladies for that matter are no exception. The write up tries to portray the various social traits ladies normally put up at the university. The writer categorizes university ladies into five main groups, thus “Slay Queens”, Crowd Followers, Religious Fanatics, Double Track Ladies and The Bold and Beautiful.

The first category of ladies you will find at the university are the “Slay Queens”. This category of ladies see themselves as the top notch class girls in the university. They have insatiable quest for fashion and extravagance. You usually see them in “hot” and expensive clothes. You will find any clothe which is in vogue in their wardrobes, these are the ubiquitous types. Always present at clubs, parties and religious functions as well. They usually have little time for academics. Again, they love to stay in posh and expensive hostels, date guys who are fashionable and popular on campus. Least I forget, they also like to date more than a guy in order to satisfy their many wants. The “Slay queens”, are materialistic and that is their preoccupation in school instead of academics.


Closely related to the Slay queens are the “Crowd followers”. For this category of ladies, they are usually naive and novices in life. Life in this context refers to a university life and also living independently from their parents. They enter the university as “fine girls”. But upon entering the university they try to be like other “civilized girls”. They therefore kotow to influence easily. They follow their newly made friends anywhere and anyhow. They usually find problem combing their newly found social life and academic work. They reluctantly have to enter amorous relationships to impress others or to prove that they are also in the university. They do so to satisfy the motor that at the university “you ought to grab or be grabbed”. Failure to do this means your four year stay at the university is inconsequential. These are ladies who usually enter the university from the orthodox sects but end up as Pentecostals or Charismatics. These ladies go home from the university completely changed from how they came from their various homes in terms of social traits.

Yet another category of ladies at the university are the “Religious fanatics”. To these ladies religion is their ultimate. Their university stay is defined by the lecture hall to hostel and prayer meetings. They hardly associate with people outside their faith. Any social gathering apart from Church service or Jumah is unwelcome to them. They see themselves as too pious to meddle themselves in the affairs of unholy ones. They leave the four corners of the university walls without creating any other social networks outside their religion. They pass through the university without the university passing through them. Due to networks they are not able to build outside their religion, they usually struggle in real life after school getting connected when they need one outside their religious domain.


Another interesting set of ladies you will find are those on “Double track”. This type of double track is not relative to “Free Senior High School”, but relationship on campus. These are ladies who are either married or are in serious relationship at home, but when they come on campus they will be dating too, ( help me finish my course). The complex nature and the mystery about these ladies and their amorous deeds is that sometimes some of them even date people in authority in the university. The reason behind it will either be for material gains or academic grades. These ladies remind me of the infamous “fa woto begye gulf”, to wit use your buttocks to receive Gulf during Acheampong’s regime in the 1970s. I just cannot fathom how these ladies feel when they reflect on their unholy act during their quiet times.

Last but not the least among the categories is the “Bold and Beautiful”. The bold and beautiful as used by the writer is in no relation to courage and beauty in their literary sense. Among these ladies they keep their focus from day one they enter the university until they leave campus. Academics is their priority. They allow the university to pass through them. Thus, they take their academic work seriously and also socialize when necessary. They take up leadership roles when they feel it is relevant and also establish the right network with the right people. They are the types who are not cajoled by the pressures and pleasures of university life. They are bold and therefore try to challenge the status quo,  breaking female playing fiddle roles to men in the system. They stand true to their principles, aspirations and goals and also make effective use of the numerous opportunities university life offers them. They usually come out as the most successful among all the various groups discussed.

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In concluding I will like to ask you my dear friend which of the categories do you find yourself, “a slay queen”, crowd follower, religious fanatic, double track or the bold and beautiful? This is just a food for thought. I also know my readers are racking their minds on, what types of men are in the university? Do not worry, just keep your fingers crossed on next article, “Types of Guys in the University”.


Francis Assifuah

History Level 300(U.E.W)