Here are 5 ‘mafia’ tactics to deal with annoying roommates


Sometimes despite our good intentions for all, fortunately or unfortunately we find ourselves in the midst of the “odd ones”. It is unfortunate to be with a rude, disrespectful, disruptive ,obnoxious or otherwise annoying roommate.

Kampustoday, take a deep breath and try to remain calm. It’s natural to be overcome with frustration, resentment, and anger. But when you are, you become less rational, and your agitation becomes contagious.
But instead of feeling bad about their behaviour, here are 5 ‘mafia’ tactics to deal with such annoying roommates.
Set boundaries. Good boundaries are important in any relationship, but they’re most important for people you’re living with. If you can’t stand your roommate’s sloppy habits or tendency to listen to loud music when you’re studying, talk about it. Chances are that you’re doing some annoying things, too, but you if you can both agree to boundaries, you’ll get along much better.

Vacate the premises. If your roommate is just too annoying to handle or if she doesn’t respond to any of these other tricks, just try getting out of your room as much as possible. Take your books to the library to study, and find friends to hang out with in the evenings. If getting out of the situation is all you can do, then you should just do it.

Become a better roommate. You may be able to fix some of your roommate issues by becoming a better roommate yourself. Be the person who is willing to go the extra mile out of consideration for your roomie, and you may be surprised at what you get in return. Even if things don’t change on your roommate’s part, becoming a better roommate will make you become a better person, and what’s college for if not growth like this?

Invest in a pair of headphones.
Let’s get the obvious solution out of the way first. Whether its a solid set of Beats, or a thirty dollar pair from the CVS down the street, headphones are always a go to when dealing with irritating roommates. The louder the volume, the less annoying they’ll seem.

‘Gattuso them’. Have you ever heard of Gattuso, the AC Millan defender from Italy? he was wild on the field of play. You can google or try watching some of his videos on YouTube. When she comes in with her boyfriend, my sister, don’t give them space. But some girls are hard oo, they can do everything, in fact everything in the presence of anybody. But trying to ‘Gattuso’ them will surely force them to be friends with you.



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