GNAT: Teachers lament over GH¢15m allocation as Salaries and allowances for Less than 200 Staff


Teachers who are members of the largest Teacher Union in Ghana,the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) have questioned the budgetary allocation of a supposed less than 200 staff of the union.

The Teachers have questioned the allocation of about Gh¢ 15,000,000 as annual salary and allowances for less than 200 staff of the association.

In a statement circulated by one Bismark Kobina Ebo Yankson ,who is supposed to be a member of the Association,each member of staff of the association would have received Gh¢ 75,000.00 annually and a monthly salary of Gh¢ 6,250.00. on average if the staff were to be about 200 in number.

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He lamented ,that the annual salary per staff of less than 200 was more than that of graduate teachers.

”In a space of just one year, GNAT as a teacher union spends a budgeted Gh¢ 15,000,000.00 as salaries and allowance for a staff of less than 200. So it means on the average, (assuming the workers are 200), each GNAT staff member receives an annual salary of Gh¢ 75,000.00 and a monthly salary of Gh¢ 6,250.00. (Note, this is an average calculation). The graduate teacher’s salary comes no close. Not even half.” He indicated.

Gh¢ 137.00 worth of newspaper

Referencing his evidence from the annual budgetary allocation for the Association, Kobina questioned the allocation of Gh¢ 50,000 on Newspapers.

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Calculating an average purchase of Newspaper daily,he concluded that buys Gh¢ 137.00 worth of newspapers was purchased daily.

He further asked whether the officers do read the supposed Newspapers.

GHC400,000 on National Officers’ Tour

He also questioned why GHC400,000 was allocated as National Officers’ tour for only five national officers.

”Gh¢ 50,000.00 on newspapers. Which means every day, GNAT buys Gh¢ 137.00 worth of newspapers. (Do they even read them?) and a whooping GHC400,000.00 on National officers tour for only five national officers.”

Total Dues

With an annual total dues of GH¢64,407,741.75. the teachers believed they have been milked by leadership of the Association.

”Guess the actual total dues? Gh¢ 64,407,741.75. Yes, we are being milked. ”