Dry Tears Foundation donates to ‘Save them Young Mission’ as part of Smiles For Christmas Project


Smiles For Christmas Project By Dry Tears Foundation

There is no denying the fact that God is love, and love among other things is giving or sharing. Just like God who is immortal, giving cannot die a natural death; it is ever lasting, ever unchanging and ever caring. And just like God who is a spirit being, giving does not go through the pangs of birth nor does it go through the throes of death.

Out of the bosom of human ingenuity and compassion from the heart of three brothers; Maxwell, Frank and Ebenezer births Dry Tears Foundation. A foundation whose own is to touch lives in very magical ways that culminates in the overall development of children who are orphans, streets kids and less privileged in our communities.

In lieu of the above, Dry Tears Foundation undertook its maiden project dubbed Smiles for Christmas which took place on the 5th of January 2019. Dry Tears Foundation, although just three months old is working with speed and alacrity to realize its goals. The committee of executives, after a careful assessment of many foster homes selected the Save Them Young Mission in Tema for the project. Mr. Koukoyi, the Second Board Director commenced the program with a word of prayer and motivation after the children welcomed our team with a song. The other executives; Mr. Adjornor, Mr. Agbenyegah and Mr. Sewornu took turns to interact with the children all in the spirit of friendship and motivation.

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Mr. Agbenyegah said “the foundation would continue to help and support other deprived and under-served orphanages and individuals across the country in the coming years.

He also thanked few persons who contributed immeasurably to the project “Smiles for Christmas” including Dr. Agbeyewornu Kemevor, Dr. Kwame Kyere Diabour, Mr. Theophilus Mensah, Mr. Cyril S. Kpodo, Mr. Ernest Okai-Anti, Mr. Emmanuel Abban (all of the University of Education, Winneba Campus – Department of Art Education), Ms. Anita Babanawo of Ashaiman and all other volunteers.

He however called on people who are interested in the cause to reach out to them on 0548989656 or email: drytearsfoundation@gmail.com or social media pages (Dry Tears Foundation) to find out more about the foundation and how it can help bring change to our communities. He also assured donors that this isn’t a business venture but a mere desire to give back to “society what it has given them”.

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Assorted drinks and biscuits, candies and clothing were presented to Aunty Jane, the assistant Administrator of Save Them Young to bring the program to a close.


Dry Tears Foundation is a non-profit making, non-governmental and humanitarian organization whose core mandate is to improve the quality of life of the poor and needy children in society, orphans and street children especially in the rural areas of all human race, through education and other integrated development programs.

As it’s vision, the Foundation seeks to create a world where poor, needy, eor orphans and street children are provided with material and financial support, good healthcare by creating awareness for healthy life and safe environment through charities.

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To achieve the vision, the foundation has the under-listed as its mission:

  • To help the poor and needy children, orphans and street children in communities.
  • Establish educational and health facilities in rural communities.
  • Establish orphanages or rehabilitation centers.