Central University to celebrate 20 years with grand homecoming


Over the last two decades, the tertiary education landscape in Ghana has experienced significant growth.

Much of this growth can be largely attributed to the advent and success of private universities — foremost being Central University, which turns 20 this year.

From humble beginnings as a small Bible School, Central University has grown in scope over the years, transforming into an establishment through which over 30,000 students in diverse fields of Business, Science, Social Sciences, Theology and Engineering have been trained over its twenty-year existence.

Considering the challenges of building a reputable institution, the university has contributed to the increase in the country’s Human Development Index.

Central Uni students

The university is built on a foundation firmly grounded on solid principles: Faith, Integrity and Excellence.

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These values have guided the university’s approach to learning and in the larger context, have had a positive influence on our society.

Central University’s journey has been remarkable.

The seed of the university was first sown in the suburb of Mataheko, close to the bustling hub of activity that is Kaneshie. Twenty years on, the university provides quality education in different locations: Kumasi, Mataheko and Miotso, its main campus.

A visit to the Miotso Campus will reveal a busy but relaxing environment, ideal for learning and personal growth.

Thus, while the school looks back on two decades of training transformational leaders with a sense of pride, it is even more optimistic about its future.

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As part of activities to mark the anniversary celebrations, there will be a maiden Homecoming of all alumni on Saturday, March 30, 2019, at the Miotso campus, providing a rare opportunity for professionals who have been impacted by their years at Central University to connect and reminisce with friends and faculty from student days.

More importantly, it will create an opportunity for alumni to contribute to the school.

In anticipation of the celebration of this important milestone, alumni from all over the world are encouraged to join in the 20-year anniversary celebrations of the world-class institution that Central University has blossomed into.