‘Getting a first class is really overrated, grades are overrated in Ghana.’ – Kafui Dey

Kafui Dei

Radio and tv presenter, Kafui Dey has opined that, grades and first class honors are overrated in the country and that what one really needs is networking more.

Kafui Dey argued that that excellent grades or first class honors do not guarantee success in the real world.

Kafui Dey who was speaking at the 5th Edition of the What I Wish I Knew (WIWIK) Conference monitored by Citinewsroom.com, said that while in the University he wished he knew grades are overrated, [and] getting a first class is really overrated.”

“You come to the real world and employers want to know what you can do or what you have done in the past. Networking is something I would have done a bit more, linking up with people and developing relationships,” he added.

Kafui Dey also was quick to add that although grades are overrated, students must still take their studies seriously.

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