My Wounds – written by Regina Adusei-Brew

I am weary, I am broken
I bleed from the deepest part of me
I am blinded with pain yet I won’t give up
Because it is my wound and it must heal.

I am rejected, left to face my pain alone
I am depressed and stressed, my past overcloud me
I smile with regrets in my teeth yet, I am not throwing in the towel for it is my wound and it must heal

My shadow scares Me; the darkness above and beneath engulfs me. The battle seems so tough I want to retreat, I want to surrender but I remember I am a soldier at heart, A warrior in mind,I never give up.

 I never run from my troubles I face my fears with courage for my wounds make me unique and the wounds heal through perseverance and bravery.
Be the healer of your wounds for you’re undoubtedly unique.

Regina Asusei-Brew
(Elsha’s Hub)



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