Final year University student commits suicide over failed courses

Kolapo Olowoporoku

A final year student of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) in Nigeria identified as Kolapo Olowoporoku has sadly committed suicide over failed resit exams despite sitting for the same course twice.

According to reports by local news portals, Kolapo Olowoporoku who is a science student of the university was supposed to graduate with 2016/2017 year group as their class rep but he couldn’t pass two courses (CVE & CSC 517) so he had to resit for the course.

CAMPUSLIFE learnt that Olowoporoku had been battling frustration and depression over courses he borrowed and failed from both the departments of Civil Engineering, and Computer Science.

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Kolapo Olowoporoku who sat for the courses failed again plunging him into a severe depression according to his friends. They knew he was depressed but they did not know what was causing it until his death.

Kolapo Olowoporoku

On Monday, 15th April 2019, Kolapo Olowoporoku took poison to end his life but the person did not work immediately, he was rushed to a hospital but he died 4 days later.

His friends and loved one have been mourning him on social media since the news broke. Our condolence to his family.