#UGDecides: EC to decide on date for election re-run today

#UGDecides: EC to decide on date for election re-run today

Students Representative Council Electoral Commissioner of the University of Ghana, Mr. Roland Tettey, has disclosed that the Commission will later today decide on the date for elections to be held at the 4 polling stations whose results were annulled.

The Electoral Commission over the weekend announced that they had nullified the voting result of some four polling stations.

The four include Commonwealth Hall polling station, Mensah Sarbah polling station, Jean Nelson Aka Hall polling station and the Korle-Bu campus polling station.

In a release signed by the Chairman of the EC, Mr. Roland Eyram Tettey, the nullification of the results in those polling stations is as a result of cases of overvoting and other electoral irregularities.

He added that technical difficulties and the subsequent resignation of the Electoral Commissioner at the Korle-Bu Campus necessitated the cancelling of results.

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Speaking to UniversNews, Mr. Roland Tettey, who has come under heavy criticism for various reasons regarding the organization of this year’s election, said that the Commission would meet today and make a schedule a date for elections to be held at the four polling stations.

SRC, Sarbah JCR legal advisors condemn EC’s decision to annul election results

…we as a Commission will meet today and come out with a date for the re-election at the various halls

Although some have questioned the decision of the Electoral Commission to annul some of the polling results, Mr. Roland Tettey stressed that he had personally observed irregularities at some of the polling stations and hence, no need for an official complaint before a decision is made to rectify them.

…For Commonwealth Hall, not all the polling agents signed the form. There was a complaint form but it was not submitted early. For Sarbah, I witnessed irregularities. If I witnessed it myself, why should there be a complaint form before we decide on what should go on?

Roland Tettey also clarified that the election results he declared on Saturday were as they received and were not investigated.

The results I declared was the results the came in. As in the actual results that troop in before any determination could be done,” he noted

EC apologizes to Judicial Board

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In other stories involving the Electoral Commission, they have rendered an unqualified apology to the Judicial Board of the SRC for failing to heed to the injunction it placed on all electoral processes on April 11, 2019.

In a letter signed by the three Electoral Commissioners, they explained that the did not intend to disobey the Judicial Board’s orders.

The Judicial Board in a ruling yesterday Tuesday April, 16, charged the EC for contempt for disregarding an injunction granted by the bench on the 11th of April, 2019 and went ahead to conduct the UGSRC elections the following day.

Aside a fine impose on the three Electoral Commissioners, the Court ruled that the Commissioners render an official apology to the Council on all media platforms and noticeboards.