MissUEW Fiasco: Was Forgive Denied Miss UEW 2019 Crown?

Forgive - Miss UEW 2019 Contestant

Mammoth disappointment, shock, incomprehension and discomfiture were the clear writings on the faces of the hundreds of students and invited guests that stormed the Jophus Anamoah Mensah Conference Center (JACC) on 10th May 2019 to witness the GRAND FINALE of the 2019 edition of Miss UEW.

What was meant to be the CLIMAX of an otherwise award winning entertaining and educative program, astonishingly, ended up becoming the ANTICLIMAX of the whole caboodle and this, I say without any shred of equivocation.

Indeed, this is the only INEVITABLE CONCLUSION that every discerning mind would arrive at upon following the trend of events in respect of this year’s contest. This confusion and brouhaha follows the bombshell of an announcement by the judges to the effect that Julian Ampongmaa, a Level 200 Special Education student is the ULTIMATE WINNER and for that matter the 2019 Miss UEW Beauty Queen.

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The overwhelming verdict, which was overtly manifest is that this lady (JULIAN) was NOT even deserving to be among the top 3; let alone, to run away with the coveted crown. As a matter of fact, the kind of reception that greeted this announcement speaks volume to the infamy of judges’ decision.

Forgive Miss UEW 2019 Contestant

Can we also say that the denial of Forgive as the MISS UEW 2019 possibly be that she is a level 100 student and also reading Biology? Well, that will be left for the Judges to answer.

I have, for the past 3 years, attended the grand finales of MISS UEW at the conference centre and thus, physically witnessed the kind of mounting-moving and electrifying ambience that is often generated at the conference centre when such mega announcements are made. What happened yesterday however, is a complete departure from this convention as over 90% of the audience were in unenviable state of shock, bewilderment and agitation. I personally spoke with some of the 2019 contestants and previous ones, all of whom expressed similar disbelief at this anomaly.

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I am particularly disappointed that this happened in MISS UEW, which to many students, is the finest and most credible pageant show in the University of Education, Winneba Campus until yesterday’s anticlimax, which for the first time had a judge from sister school University of Cape Coast (UCC).

I have for the very first time in pageantry witnessed the eviction of Miss Eloquent, maybe that prize hasn’t been understood.

From the foregoing, it required no gift of telepathy for one to know that Julian, was miles away from the CROWN. The only possible funny reasonable reason for her triumph is that, she was fat. 

Well, ForgiveNaya and Janet may not have won the favour of the judges, but they have surely won the HEARTS and MINDS of every follower of the 2019 MISS UEW. They are our true BEAUTY QUEENS.