Patriotic songs are used to cut the umbilical cord of every Ghanaian child that went through our educational system at the lower level especially those who had the opportunity to be in our state sponsored schools (public schools); but I tend to ask questions on its implications on us today.
Did we just learn it for learning sake or they were just mere songs sung just like any other?
Were those songs sung for entertainment purposes?
Answers I know only the gods can provide.

Patriotism has been a questionable element in our contemporary society today.
Ghanaians of today have lost the spirit of Patriotism.  Where is our patriotism? We were taught to be loyal to our dear nation, we were taught to uphold Ghana in high esteem and we were taught to cherish our beloved country but these have all been in vain.
Ghana is really bleeding as its been stabbed by you and I.
Where is our loyalty when public and civil servants connive to loot from the nation’s coffers?

An average Ghanaian when given a small opportunity wants to exploit the system. We see ourselves to be aliens. The trader when given the chance wants to exploit the poor farmer. People always talk about their aim to serve citizens but they end up being served.
Where is our patriotism when footballers representing the nation threaten not to play if their allowances are not paid in time?

Many of our contractors who work on our roads today do shoddy work as if they do it for free.
Where is our love, when Chief Executives exploit their workers and where is our loyalty when workers want to sabotage leaders just for the sake of their parochial interest.
The least said about our top class politicians the better.

what kind of country are we building at all?
What kind of people are we?
Why are we deceiving ourselves?
We even think obeying simple rules is a favor we are doing for the state. We have refused to cherish values that make us who we are. We praise the West for their successes but it was not served to them on a silver platter. The love for their country and their loyalty to the state brought them that far.
Ghanaians love money more than the country and we always expect the state to do something for us but we do not want to do something for the state. Before you ask what the nation has done for you, please ask what you have also done for Ghana.

The country Ghana belongs you and I and no one else. We blame our leaders for our woes and our leaders also turn to attribute our woes to our attitudes. Blame game is the order of the day. No one can make Ghana a better place for us unless ourselves.
No aid can help us develop and no foreign power can save us from our mess. We love to celebrate people who fought for Ghana or who contributed immensely before, during and after independence but we have failed to emulate their patriotism.

Unpatriotism is the cause of Ghana’s woes. Unpatriotism is the cause of our high indebtedness, Unpatriotism is the reason why humans drink with animals from the same stream. Unpatriotism is the reason why there are no beds in our hospitals, unpatriotism is the reason why a small number of people enjoy the benefit of the poor, Unpatriotism is reason why we support our political party whether they do good or bad. Ghana is the country we have and we have to serve her wholeheartedly. We should always think about what we can do for Ghana but not what Ghana can do for us.
The development Ghanaians want can be brought about  only if there is a change in our leadership and attitudes.

God Bless You
God Bless Ghana
God Bless Africa

Baffoe Thomas
Level 300
Political science Department

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