Acquire skills through voluntary jobs; JHS, SHS graduates advised


The President of the Foundation for Generational Thinkers (FOGET), Mr Prosper Afetsi, has called on junior and senior high school graduates to avail themselves of voluntary works as they await their results.

That, he said, was to keep them busy as well as ensure that they acquired some hands-on skills before they continued their education to the second cycle and tertiary levels respectively.
“Most people don’t want to do anything for free.

Volunteering connects you to other people.

It is good for your mind and body. Volunteering can advance your career and can bring fun and fulfilment to your life,” Mr Afetsi said at the Life After School Summit (LASS) for SHS and JHS graduates organised by his organisation in Accra.

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He said SHS and JHS graduates could undertake the voluntary works at companies, parents’ businesses, community organisations, non-governmental organisations, church activities such as mission work and evangelism, schools and advocacy, among other things.

He told the graduates that life must be lived intentionally, since nothing happened by chance.

Mr Afetsi said the graduates could also look into other trade areas including tailoring, masonry, carpentry, electricals, hair dressing and farming, adding that “all these are available for adventurous people”.


“In addition to these, there is also information and communication technology (ICT) they can learn from. In offering their services, they can learn blogging, website development and managing You Tube,” he said.

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He added that technology could take the graduates very far as everything was about it these days.

The FOGET President noted that leaving school was not total freedom and that it was rather an opportunity for graduates to prepare themselves for the task ahead.

“Though out history, people made decisions that had lasting impact on humanity. Everything starts with a decision. Your world will change when your take a decision to change.

”Whatever is happening in your life right now is the result of the decisions made by your parents.

Where you would be in the future will be determined by the decision you will make today,” he told the graduates.

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In a presentation on life management, the Medical Director of the Grace Hospital at Breman Asikuma, Dr Bernard Kyei, said the graduates should avoid bad peer influences and comparisons, desist from laziness, gossiping, envy, procrastination, drugs and sexual misconduct.

He said there were seven essential life skills activities they could take advantage of and that included taking on challenges, critical thinking, communicating and staying focused.