THE COUPS MEN DO LIVE AFTER THEM: written by Team Omare-Kwarteng


The life they say is a series and sequence of events which must be lived to be understood. The life we live is really short! When you add up your schooling, travelling, sleeping, eating and maybe entertainment, you could see clearly that you have spent half of your life doing nothing on this planet. Nothing in this world comes in isolation. There is an absolute power behind everything. If we tell you the phone you are reading our piece on popped into existence, no man or woman made it, you would probably say Omare and Kwarteng are crazy. The stars, the moon and the sun never made themselves. There is a Wiser planner behind all these awesome creatures.

Life can be dangerous! The people you go round smearing dirty pomade of lies on their bodies can be the same people to carry your corpse to the cemetery when that day comes. Be mindful and watchful of the things you do and say to others, because the coup you stage today, might come back and torment you tomorrow. The worth of our good and bad deeds are going to be valued someday to come. You might be very lucky like Hitler and receive your judgement after death. You might also be lucky like Amin and receive your judgement after death. Let us be conscious of what we do to others! The houses, cars, phones, clothes and others, are not ours forever. We do not own them. We are just trustees. The most important thing in this life, no matter what the situation may be, is to take a first, second and a third look at what we do and say to our fellow human beings. We are all connected to each other, as humans as we are. You help someone today, tomorrow the person is helping you back!

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Our hearts bleed when we cast our minds back to Afrifa’s letter to Acheampong on the 18th of December, 1977. Afrifa and his group painfully staged a coup against Osagyefo and his party on February 24, 1966, forgetting that the men of the coup do live after them. They (Afrifa and his group) never took a macro second of their time to think of the pains Osagyefo would go through after 1966 and went ahead to stage the coup. Afrifa’s letter clearly showed the kind of fear he lived in after the coup. The evils of 1966 tormented his life! Afrifa might be very proud about the coup facially and publicly, but deep-down his heart was a pool of regret. This amply shows that, in this life, had I known will definitely be relegated at the end of the league season in any situation!

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Brothers and sisters, the life we live today, is just short like anything you can think of. Today, we are here, tomorrow, we are gone! You breastfeed a child today, tomorrow, the child is into weaning! They are students today, tomorrow, they are CEOs. You are in power today, tomorrow you are in opposition. Let us be cautious of the decisions we take today. The people you stepped on to climb the ladder of success, will be the same people you will step on when you are descending. Let us treat each other with care because the coups that men do live after them.

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Authored by: Team OMARE-KWARTENG

Department of History Education

University of Education, Winneba

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