UG: Limann, Kwapong JCRs release official figures for 2019/2020 residential fees


There seem to be closure on exactly how much residents of the University of Ghana Enterprise Limited (UGEL) hostels, popularly referred to as the Diaspora, are to pay as Residential Fees for the upcoming academic year.

The diaspora halls include Hilla Limann Hall, Alexander Adum Kwapong Hall, Elizabeth Frances Sey Hall and Jean Nelson Aka Hall.

Following the University of Ghana Residential Board meeting, news became rife on social media about a 33% across board increase in residential fees but official communication lagged.

Univers News has sighted communication from the JCR leadership of the Alexander Adum Kwapong and Hilla Limann Halls informing residents exactly how much they are expected to pay for the ensuing semester.

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Both communications stated that existing students in the Halls are required to pay GHC1,790.00 as residential fees for the 2019/2020 academic year

This come in spite of the SRC’s assurance that it will continue to negotiate with management for a downward cut.

New students admitted into residence of the Diaspora Halls are also to pay GHC2,235.00.

Both statements noted that it had taken strenuous advocacy to get the residential fees to be pegged at this level.