“You must be passionate about your business, making money is secondary”- CEO,JOBWEB Group Ltd.


Over 55% of Ghana’s population are youths and most of the youths are unemployed due to inadequate job facilities in the country, this has made it possible for the intellects to gear their attention to entrepreneurship.

INFOCTESS-UEW in collaboration with JOBWEB Group Ltd (One of the Largest Jobs Classifieds in Africa) present an entrepreneur summit dubbed: “Becoming a successful Entrepreneur and Online Opportunities”, on the 19th of October, 2019.

The Speakers present were Prof. Christopher Adjei Okpoti, former Dean of the school of Business in the University of education, Winneba and a Professor in Mathematics.

Prof. Christopher Adjei Okpoti talked about “Practical Entrepreneurship”, “what an entrepreneur does is called entrepreneurship”, he explained. He made it clear that as an entrepreneur, you need to read wide or visit successful people and learn from them.

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he emphasized on the four building blocks for beginners:

  1. Wiliness to take risk
  2. Open minded
  3. Adaptability
  4. Self-control

Prof. told the students in attendant to build what will help them tomorrow by a humble beginning, by humble expenditure and by humble properties.

He ended his speech by telling his story of how he moved from buying and chewing “khebab” every evening into buying blocks for his school building and advised those present to learn from it. 

Mr Delali Kwasi Dake, the Chief patron of INFOCTESS and CEO of JOBWEB Group Ltd (One of the Largest Jobs Classifieds in Africa) took his turn.

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He captioned his speech “Dare to Dream”. He elaborated on who an Entrepreneur is. According to him, “An Entrepreneur is any individual who identifies and solve problems and he is creative, innovative, risk taker, self-starter and open minded”. In business “an Entrepreneur is responsible for the failure or success of the business”, he added.

JOBWEB Group Ltd. CEO advised the young dreamers who want to start their own businesses by announcing the four building blocks for beginners who wants to dwell in entrepreneurship. He named the building blocks “How to become an entrepreneur”, here are what he presented;

  1. Find your niche or industry
  2. Research your Market
  3. Educate yourself
  4. Build your Business.

But before one can build these blocks, he or she needs certain traits like;

  1. Resolution, motivation and resilience
  2. Ability to take risk
  3. Emotional intelligence and empathy
  4. Financial discipline
  5. Trust
  6. Ability to get funds
  7. Passion
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JOBWEB Group Ltd. CEO ended his speech by saying “you must be passionate about your business, making money is secondary”,

 Mr. Simon W. Alangde, The MD for Wineloya Digital and Google Digital Skills for Africa Partner, took participants through online presence, Digital marketing and SEO. 

He introduced participants to the various tools like Google AdWords which is used for online marketing and advertising, Google Analytics, Google my business which is also used to register one’s business on Google for presence.

He further advised participants to take IT and digital Entrepreneurship at high esteem as it fetches much income and its results are measured and reliable.