The journey to the Queendom of FONC19 UEW starts from now.


The 5th edition of Face of North Campus 2019/20 audition reigned in the University Hall JCR on the 8th November, 2019.

14 beautiful, amazingly courageous and eloquent young ladies swum through the ultimate pool of the long-yearned platform of the pride of the North campus, waiting for the judges to sieve them with their nets of pageantry judgement. The Judges for this year’s audition were Christian, the CEO of Me.Africa pageant, Cobby Mic, the General Mc for UEW, Sally, a former member of the gups irs and Ekua Magnum, the CEO and chaperone for Face Of North Campus.

For the first time ever, the Face of North campus audition featured three beautiful Muslim ladies, Abubakar Rasheeda, Abubakar Salamatu and Miriam Suhri all being level 100 students from the political science department. Religion and its strong walls couldn’t hinder these ladies to be part of the Queen-seeking road of the ultimate pageantry. Their main motivation of joining the pageantry is to empower other Muslim ladies to be involved in pageantry because to them pageantry is not a sin (Haram).

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The Queen of the Face of North 2019, Gabby showed up with her 1st runner up, Utah and the 2nd runner up Grace in the middle of the show.

All the fourteen contestants believe that the face of North pageantry will give them the opportunity to showcase their talent and skills. One of the contestants, Nana Adomaa Amoatemaa whose role model is Ghana’s 2nd Lady Samira Bawumia, believes that the face of North platform will give her the opportunity to help improve the social, economic and religious intellects in the society, and that each and every one of us must do. Alberta Ama Agyekum also said “I want to start up my own fashion show by the next five years”.

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The field of questioning proved the availability and preparedness of the ladies towards the auctions. Not like an exam or quiz, the atmosphere was cool enough for answering.

The ladies were given the opportunity to rap, sing or dance and they proved that UEW, Central Region and Ghana has undiluted pure talents which can be groomed for excellence.

The journey starts now.


Credit: Adu Opoku George(PenGod)