Ejisuman Girls Sacking: Disciplinary action arbitrary, archaic and contradictory – Africa Education Watch


Africa Education Watch, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) has condemned the Ghana Education Service (GES) following the withdrawal of 7 female students of Ejisuman Senior High School from the school’s boarding facilities.

The girls were withdrawn from the boarding house as punishment for posting a video that went viral on social media last week with content bordering on sex.

Apart from tarnishing the image of the school, school management said the girls also went against school rules prohibiting possession and use of unauthorized gadgets and uploading content with unprintable language on social media.

The education think tank, Africa Education Watch, however, in a statement on Monday strongly condemned the actions of the school authorities and GES, describing the disciplinary action as “arbitrary, archaic and contradictory”.

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We note that, in as much as it is important to sanction students when they breach the rules of conduct in school as a way of instilling discipline and deterring others, the GES must not lose sight of the fact that, most of these decisions may be arbitrary, archaic and contradictory.

According to the NGO, although wayward students must be sanctioned, the expulsion will make the students more truant rather than reform them, which is contradictory to the mandate of the GES to produce responsible adults.

Secondary schools have the responsibility to teach, mentor and discipline students when they break rules. It is heartwarming that the GES now has a positive discipline policy. However, the use of de-boardinization as a tool for positive discipline has far outlived its relevance… it has ended up making students even more truant than reforming them.

The organization reiterated that such disciplinary action only exposes students to higher levels of truancy and defiance, hence the need to reconsider the decision.

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They further called on GES to revisit withdrawal from boarding house as a punitive measure and look at more reformative punishments for errant students as well as welcome the participation of stakeholders on the issue.

It is time the GES takes a second look at de-boardinization as a form of punishment for boarding students and adopt progressive sanctions that actually reform offending students…We also call for the GES to lead in engaging stakeholders, especially Parent Teacher Associations on this matter.

Read the full statement below: