UCC: Freda Candy Mensah SRC Co-ordinating Secretary Hopeful


What you need to know about a visionary lady filled with passion and commitment.

Freda Candy Mensah is my name. An old student of Shama Senior high school and currently a level 300 student of the University of Cape Coast pursing Bachelor of Arts Communication Studies.
An affiliate to Valco hall, a member of the Valco hall entertainment committee, Echohouse and a Unilever brand ambassador aspiring to be the next SRC Coordinating Secretary of this great institution.

Movies, Music and Dance are a part of me you cannot take away, my lips utter motivation and inspiration and also seek for authentication so I love talking but I listen better and faster.

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Growing up I’ve loved being in leader position, organizing and voluntary works and I’ve always been passionate about organizing since Senior high school due to such reasons I don’t take chances at anything that will give me that exposure.

As an Ass. Girls’ entertainment prefect I always thought of something that would make entertainment in school as unique as it can be so I brought on board programs that were engaging and fun. Well I don’t like it when programs don’t go well or flops, I always want the programs to be the most talked about so I put my all in it.
The reason I chose this portfolio is because I love attending programs that have been well planned, and my organizing abilities pricked me to move a step further to seize this opportunity. I am a good communicator with a convincing tongue drawing audience to events to have a good time and experience.

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There are two of us in this race for the portfolio, I would say we all have the qualities and what it takes for us to win but then not blowing my own horn I will say I am very optimistic about winning. Vetting and voting happens to be so close now and I believe we can both sail through vetting.
People do ask, why now? Why wait for almost a month to election before coming out?
But then I believe that each and everyone of us has plans we wish to execute, due to reasons best known to us we slow down the pace to be sure of our decisons. That’s the reason why I wanted to be so sure if I truly wanted it, thinking it through and praying about it.
And even though I didn’t come out early I don’t believe it’s too late.

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I am Freda Candy Mensah and I hope to be your next SRC Co-ordinating Secretary.