UEW Campus Politics: Who Is Sir Kunaki?


The University of Education, Winneba Students Representative Council (UEW SRC) election is fast approaching and prospective candidates are creating awareness of their intent to stand for the various portfolios.

In our quest to find out which of these aspirants have what it takes and what student would be on the lookout for, one potential candidate by name Mr Samuel Kunaki (Sir KUNAKI) stands out. Our checks revealed that he is from a humble background and of course a humble department. You may have seen his flyer on campus on your way to lectures or in a WhatsApp group or on your friend’s status or you may have even shared some flyers yourself. You may be wondering and asking yourself a simple question that any well-meaning student should be asking, “Who is Sir KUNAKI?

To answer this question, let me take you to a conversation we had with the SRC President Hopeful himself at his residence.

Good afternoon Sir, could you please help us with the answer to “Who is Sir KUNAKI?”

My name is Samuel Kunaki, a level 200 Graphic Design student of the School of Creative Arts, University of Education, Winneba, born to Mr and Mrs Kunaki, all of Afife in the Ketu North District of the Volta Region. The first of four siblings. As I speak to you, I’m a professionally trained teacher and here for further studies.

Tell us about your educational background
I started my basic education Klenormadi L/A in the Volta Region and later moved to Afife Anyiehe E.P primary where I had my elementary or basic education and took my Basic Education Certificate Examination in 1997. I went on to pursue my secondary education at Taviafe Secondary School between 1999 and 2001 at the time where secondary education was run for two and a half years. I was privileged to be a pioneer of that system.

When I completed secondary school, I had to work for some few years before moving on. This was to enable me to raise some capital to support my education. I stayed at home for almost four years before enrolling at the Teacher Training College in 2004. Coincidentally, the teacher’s certificate “A” has been upgraded to a Diploma in Basic Education which I became a pioneer too. I completed a teacher training college in 2007 and have been working ever since as a professionally trained teacher. Impacting and inspiring lives and nurturing talents for the past thirteen (13) years is awesome.

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Tell us about the 13 years journey
The journey seemed short but full of great experiences. Teachers are highly esteemed in societies in the early days as compared to what we see today. But that did not deter me from giving my all-in order to live an indelible impression in the lives of the younger generation. I treat the profession like my own business. Consequently, there has been a tremendous impact on the lives of many – both young and old. I’m still expecting the new generation professionals to live up to more than that expectation where we can be sure that the future is guaranteed for the generations yet unborn.

In your submission, you said you are the first of four siblings; does that seeks to suggest that your leadership role started right from birth?

So, to speak and better still, it started biologically. It was not easy at the time as a child taking care of other children. This was so because my parent would not want us to become a burden on the society hence, moving up and down to make ends meet. They did all they could to ensure that the house was well equipped enough so we can also live like other children.

I was the one who virtually raised all my siblings. They were always with me; their feeding, they’re going and coming, I was literary a father and mother to them, watchman and a caretaker. God is so good, we are all matured now and a very responsible and great asset to the society and the nation at large.


In your opinion, would you say your parents relegated their responsibilities to you as in taking care of your siblings?

Not really but you see, in my days and particularly where I was coming from, education and childbirth are not bonded soul mates. In most cases, the number of children one has was a great pride regardless of what becomes of them. Unfortunately, the sharp turn from the initial concept to what becomes of one’s children in today’s technological world was so rapid that many people were taken unaware simply because the change was sudden hence its subsequent impact on us as children born at that time. So, whatever I had done was only but a supplement to their effort.

In an ideal world, should all firstborn go through your experience?

Relative. It depends on the angle at which it is perceived. Usually, the nature of the role of first-born children determine the socio-economic direction of the other siblings or perhaps the family. I stand to be corrected though but experiences over the years have proven this claim significantly. Having realized this in my early days has shifted my ideologies to that of supporting my parents the little way possible to bring my younger ones along, becoming their model morally, spiritually and psychologically.

Who is your hero and why?
My life has its inspiration from several sources depending on the area of focus as far as the journey through this world is concerned. But I drew much inspiration from our former president Jerry John Rawlings and Nelson Mandela of South Africa in blessed memory.

One common similarity that greatly impacts my life about the duo is the Total Liberation of their citizens which they stood for, regardless of the humiliation they had to endure.

They are my heroes.
How many hours of sleep do you get a night?
Sleep is an essential component of every living creature. It’s a great health supplement compared to orthodox and or contemporary medicine. But that is not so in my case. I believe that to live your footprints on thunder clouds even after you died, you’d have to work while no one is working. As a leader, you need to devote much time to studies and learning to be effective in leadership. Because you have to direct and provide a guide for your followers. As a result, I devote much of my time to working extra. Sleep is only an auxiliary when it comes to placing value on what I would want to do. Nevertheless, nature cannot be cheated whatsoever. It will find its ways of getting you rested. I, therefore, have a maximum of 4 hours of sleep every night.

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What do you do to relax?
Relaxation to me does not mean ‘no work’. You can work while relaxing. Usually, for me during my leisure time, I prefer going on site seeing, finding a serene environment to read novels and listen to good country music.

Good Country music, that’s interesting. Describe the last time you were embarrassed. Why?

I hardly get embarrassed simply because I feel they make life complete. Surprisingly, I had it big time when I jumped at someone in the market I mistakenly took to be a longtime friend that I had lost contact with for years. It was embarrassing when we both realized that we knew each other from nowhere when all eyes in the market could count every single yarn that got twilled in our dresses. Walking away was like my feet were glued to the floor.

Thank you Sir Kunaki for this honour, we wish you all the best in your journey to becoming the SRC President for 2020/2021 academic year.

Readers, this ends our interview with Sir Kunaki, the SRC Presidential candidate, if you have questions for our aspirant, leave it in the comment session and we will cover it I our subsequent interview.